5 Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet | Meet the Foxholes Cats! [Part 2]

Our resident cats at Foxholes are popular amongst staff and residents alike, providing bundles of joy and entertainment with all those who live with us. 

In Part 1, we introduced Thunder, one of our beautiful girls. Keep reading to meet the rest of our furry companions!


Foxholes cats: Tinkerbell

Meet our beautiful Tinkerbell, who (along with her sister, Thunder) was one of the very first cats to join the Foxholes family. She arrived, along with Thunder, after we discovered that they both needed a new home.

Following her arrival, the Foxholes family was quick to spot that Tinkerbell was most definitely a feisty girl – and was happy to show you who’s boss if she needed to! During her early days, she was a  fan of the Foxholes lift, using it regularly to travel all around the home!

Unfortunately, Tinkerbell passed away and is sadly missed – but she remains a much-loved member of the Foxholes family.


Foxholes cats: Bob

Our only boy, Bob, was next to join the Foxholes family. We first found him eating from bins during a cold winter – and of course, we couldn’t leave him there. So, we brought him inside – and he’s never left!

When deciding on a name for him, one of our residents called ‘Bob’ – and he came running. So, it stuck from then on!

During his time at Foxholes, Bob has proven very popular amongst the residents – but not so much with one particular CQC inspector! She once informed us that she did not like cats – and Bob, being Bob, decided that he would try and change that. He brought her a lovely ‘present’ – and before long, the inspector made her excuses and left!

A couple of years ago, Bob needed to visit the local vet to have his tooth removed. It was then that we discovered that Bob had a home the whole time, just down the road – where he was also called Bob! His previous owners told the vets that if Bob was happy in his new home, we should keep him. The residents were indeed very thankful for that, as they had become quite attached to him.


Foxholes cats: Baileys

Baileys was next to join the family – and it turns out he was, in fact, named after the drink!

One of our staff members headed out to do an assessment, and the family needed a new home for their cat. When she first arrived at Foxholes, she was very wary of all the new people and sounds – and quickly found comfort in one of our residents’ bedrooms.

Bailey is now the queen of our second floor and makes herself comfortable everywhere – especially the bathroom, where it’s nice and warm! She’s a small cat, so you’ll often find her using the handrails as she walks the corridors.

Bailey loves to play and will chase butterflies and moths, stopping at nothing to catch them – even if it means getting herself into some precarious situations!

Zoey and Rosie

Rosie and Zoey - cats at Foxholes

Next, meet Zoey (left) and Rosie (right), who are Foxholes’ mother and daughter feline duo. Ironically, they don’t get on so well – but the visual resemblance is uncanny!

Zoey and Rosie were both in need of a home, formerly belonging to the grandchildren of one of our residents. They shared a room at first but quickly decided to venture out and discover their own places of comfort.

Zoey is a true mother cat and is particularly fond of a cuddle – as well as a nap on the windowsill when the radiator is on! 

Having made herself at home on the first floor, Zoey likes to wander around everywhere and make friends with the residents.

Rosie, Zoey’s daughter, is the largest of all our cats. We all thought she might be pregnant when she arrived, but it turned out that she’s just a little heavy! Rosie is a shy cat, so you must be careful when you approach her – but once she’s comfortable, she is very affectionate. Her favourite place is her armchair, where she spends a lot of time having a ‘cat’ nap!


Meet Jodie, another of our beautiful cats at Foxholes, who moved in with her owner, Gladys. Jodie was originally a daddy’s girl – but when Gladys’s husband sadly passed away, she took on the pleasure of looking after Jodie, and often talks about the fond memories she has of Jodie and her husband together.

Jodie is a house cat who does not get on well with the others, so she keeps herself to herself. Recently though, she has been more friendly and seems happy to see us whenever we drop by to say hello. She always jumps up from wherever she is and gives us a little ‘meow’, and rubs up against our legs. This may well be because she knows we’ve come to give her something delicious to eat!

It’s been a pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful Foxholes cats. They bring so much love and joy to our home every day! We’d love to meet your pets, too; do feel free to share your photos on our social media channels.

Alternatively, to find out more about us and our care, do take a few minutes to browse our website, or contact a member of our team.