How We’re Celebrating World Kindness Day

November 13th, 2020 marks World Kindness Day – and, of course, we’ll be looking to commemorate in every way that we can at our home.

At Foxholes, we promote kindness all year round; but we couldn’t let World Kindness Day pass us by without celebrating.

So, we’re inviting the wider community – from schools and businesses, to local neighbours – to send in some words of kindness in the form of cards, letters or poems for our lovely residents.

Since March, our residents have had to deal with very limited visitation from close family and friends due to the coronavirus pandemic. With tougher lockdown restrictions being announced, too, we can predict that winter 2020 will be somewhat of a challenge.

Young healthcare worker handing an elderly lady a cup of tea.

So, to boost happiness and instil a sense of comfort, we’re hoping that the Hitchin community will respond in sending us their words of love, encouragement and positivity.

We will, of course, be adhering to the government’s stringent infection control protocols. And so, after arrival, cards will be quarantined until World Kindness Day to eradicate any health risks. We’re also encouraging people to make use of email and scanners as a way of sending in their creations.

So, whether you’d like to send us a drawing, a poem, letter, or even just share a few words of positivity, we’re inviting you to give our residents something to smile about on World Kindness Day. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to have our residents spending time with their friends and family at our home, our current situation prevents us from doing so; so it’s little initiatives like this that can have such a huge impact on someone’s day.

If you’d like to send in your creations, please do contact a member of our team via our website, or our social media channels.