World Kindness Day: Overwhelmed by the Kindness of the Community

In anticipation of World Kindness Day on 13th November, we invited our local community to spread some cheer by sending in messages of kindness to our lovely residents. And, we are delighted to say that we were overwhelmed by the amount of letters, cards, works of art and poetry that we received.

It wasn’t just the Hitchin community that surprised us with their kindness; we were over the moon to see that people from all over the world – including Canada, USA and Australia – responded to our request and sent us some lovely words of their own. 

We were also thrilled to receive letters from the children at Kingshott School, who sent letters wishing everyone a happy World Kindness Day.

Foxholes resident opening World Kindness Day letters

In the wake of the kind gesture, David Weston, Headmaster of Kingshott School, said to In Your Area: “It’s been such a difficult year for everyone. Here at Kingshott, we’re enjoying having the children back at school and some sense of normality; but we understand that life is still very difficult for many people, especially during this second lockdown period.

“We thought it would be beneficial for all if we could help celebrate World Kindness Day by making and sending some cheery messages to the Foxholes residents to help lift their spirits.”

All in all, we’ve been left amazed at the amount of kind messages sent to our home. Our residents enjoyed opening and reading their cards and letters, and it certainly left a smile on their faces; so we can’t thank the community enough for getting involved in this simple, yet powerful gesture.

In addition to celebrating World Kindness Day, we are still pursuing our history hunt to uncover the depths of Foxholes’ fruitful past. If you think you can help us gather the remaining pieces of the puzzle, please do let us know. Do take a look at our previous post to see what we’ve already discovered!